707 Duty Shirt Poly/Wool

Color: Dark Navy
Size: S
Sale price$90.02 USD


    Introducing the 707 Duty Shirt, a cutting-edge tactical garment engineered for performance and comfort.This shirt is crafted from a blend of 6.8 oz. (195 grams) high-quality US made 75% polyester and 25% wool, striking the perfect balance between durability and breathability. The shirt features an original YKK® zipper with mock button, providing both functionality and a touch of style. Equipped with the Mic-X™ center position mic tab and communication device integration system, staying connected on duty has never been easier. The 5 crease military style, meticulously stitched, ensures a sharp and professional appearance. The Climate-X™ collar offers added comfort and protection against changing weather conditions. The Durastretch® breathable flexible underarms and Free movement ventilated shoulder guarantee unrestricted movement and optimal ventilation during critical operations. For enhanced performance, the 707 TG Venti-Shoulder™ system further optimizes air circulation and ventilation. Elevate your tactical gear with the 707 Duty Shirt and experience the epitome of functionality, style, and comfort in one exceptional garment.


    • U.S. made 6.8 oz. (195 grams.) poly/wool fabric.
    • 75% polyester - 25% wool.
    • Original YKK® zipper with mock button.
    • Mic-X™ center position mic tab.
    • Communication device integration system.
    • 5 crease military style (stitched).
    • Climate-X™ collar.
    • Durastretch® breathable flexible underarms.
    • Free movement ventilated shoulder.
    • 707 TG Venti-Shoulder™ system.

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