NORKA Sniper System

Color: OD Green
Sale price$241.57 USD


Introducing the NORKA Sniper System, the ultimate in modular bag systems. This revolutionary product is the perfect solution for the 21st century warrior on the go. No matter what mission you're on, this system has you covered.

The front loading main backpack is constructed of high quality materials and features a total volume of 45 liters or 2,800 cubic inches. The interior is fully customizable, with multiple pockets and slots for all your gear. There's even a rifle case attachment to keep your weapon safe and secure. And don't forget about the two side pockets that are compatible with hydration kits.

But that's not all! The system also comes with a removable cover, a rain cover, and a variety of other accessories to help you stay comfortable and protected. With so many features in one bag, this system truly is a must-have for the modern warrior.

  • Modular system with removable bags and straps.
  • Front loading main backpack.
  • MOLLE racks inside and out.
  • Multiple configurations inside the main bag.
  • Two side pockets compatible with hydration kits.
  • Removable cover.
  • Pull out rain cover.
  • Rifle case attachment.
  • Total volume: 45 liters or 2,800 cubic inches.

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