Eco BDU Tactical Shirt Camo

Size: XS
Color: Eco Realtree Edge
Sale price$48.86 USD


Introducing the SK7® ECO Line Battle Dress Uniform (B.D.U.) tactical shirt, designed to complement your tactical gear with functional features and reliable performance.

Key Features:

Robust Twill Fabric: Crafted from sturdy 240g (8.5oz) high-quality twill fabric, our tactical shirt ensures long-lasting wear, making it suitable for various missions.

100% Cotton: Made from pure cotton, this durable fabric is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic, ideal for regular wear in any setting.

Elbow Reinforcement: Reinforced elbows enhance durability and protect against wear and tear during demanding tasks.

Multiple Pockets: Stay organized with four front pockets—two chest pockets and two in the belly area—providing ample storage space for essential gear and supplies.

Adjustable Fit: Achieve a personalized and comfortable fit with waist and cuff adjusters, ensuring ease of movement and adaptability to your needs.

Button Epaulet: The addition of button epaulets offers a practical and professional touch to your tactical attire.

The SK7® ECO Line Battle Dress Uniform (B.D.U.) tactical shirt, like its counterpart pants, upholds our commitment to quality and affordability. It's designed to meet the demands of your missions while providing the comfort and functionality you require in the field. Get ready to gear up with confidence.

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