MAGNA-lens Magnetic eye/ear Safety

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System includes the following:

The solution to this problem lies in the use of small, extremely strong magnets, which securely connect the patented MAGNAlens  eye wear to the outside of the earmuffs. 
This unique patented connection prevents the eye wear from being compressed under the earmuff cushions. This connection system also eliminates the "break" in the ear cushion seals which compromise the noise reduction effectiveness of the hearing protection. MAGNAlens utilizes optical polycarbonate, one-piece, wrap around lenses. 
These 2.9mm (.115") thick lens were designed by one of the best optical engineers in America with major objectives being optical quality and impact resistance. 

This listing is for three lens system

  • NRR 30db earmuffs with integrated magnets (earmuffs are convertible to low profile NRR 27db earmuffs)
  • Magnetically attachable, clear poly-carbonate safety eye wear (ANSI Z87.1+ compatible)
  • Yellow tint poly-carbonate eye wear lens (ANSI Z87.1+ compatible)
  • Blue tint poly-carbonate eye wear lens (ANSI Z87.1+ compatible)
  • Optional - snap-in insert for the addition of custom prescription lenses

Extremely high quality optics that magnetically attach to the outside of your earmuffs with high strength rare earth magnets.

Magna Lens, LLC is presenting a patented, revolutionary, new product to eye and ear protection users that will make their use of eye ear safety protection more comfortable by eliminating the annoying, pinching discomfort associated with wearing safety eyewear under hearing protection earmuffs.
The Magna Lens Comfort Enhanced Eye/Ear Safety System was designed by an engineer and lifelong user of eye/ear protection who became increasingly dissatisfied with the pain and discomfort caused when wearing earmuffs over traditional eyewear.  Up until now, this discomfort has been an accepted byproduct of using earmuffs over safety eyewear.
The solution to this problem lies in the use of extremely strong rare earth magnets which securely connect the Magna Lens eyewear to the outside of the earmuffs.  This unique patented connection system prevents the eyewear from being compressed between the user's head and the earmuff cushions.  
This connection system also eliminates the open gaps caused when the side portions of traditional eyewear passed under the ear cushion seals of the earmuff.  In the past, this unwanted open gap between the ear cushion seal and the user's head decreased the noise reduction rating of the hearing protection.  With this gap now eliminated, user's get the maximum noise protection from their earmuffs.
The Magna Lens system includes magnetically attachable eyewear along with custom earmuffs which have integrated magnetic attachment points.  The earmuff assembly has ultra comfortable, moisture wicking, synthetic leather ear cushions for an optimum noise seal.  The eyewear assembly has adjustable side components which allow the user to customize the fit of their Magna Lens system to their particular head and face dimensions.

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